Today I went to, gasp, a real shop instead of researching online..


Of course, as wonderful as these particular machines look, I won’t be buying any of them. To start with, they’re HUGE! I mean really, really big. I want something more compact and frankly less expensive. It was interesting though, to look at them and I’m glad I did. The mother whose child was scampering all over them, chuckling with glee obviously hadn’t read this sign;


Since the treadmills were all off, I don’t suppose there was actually any danger to him though and his stream of consciousness chatter was pretty amusing to listen to while I took photos.

In the end, I’ve chosen the Confidence Fitness Power Motorised Electric Treadmill, which is smaller and cheaper and might actually stand a chance of fitting comfortably into the space I’ve chosen for it. 

I found this video review, which gives me the hope that it’ll be just what I’m looking for. 

Now to create a desk of such creative fabulousness that even I can’t believe how awesome it is…