So today I went to a meeting, held in a hotel conference room, complete with men in suits. It was an interesting subject and I was glad to be part of the discussion but I couldn’t help but notice that around the table, for the duration of the meeting, people were clicking their pens, taking off their jackets, smoothing their ties. All signs of restlessness.

It occurred to me then, that since everyone there was fully engaged and it wasn’t that they were bored or wishing themselves elsewhere, that it might be a restlessness born of excitement…or just the need to move as they talk…..and unbidden, the image of this same meeting being held while we were all walking on treadmills popped into my mind and I smiled broadly. The woman sitting across from me was gracious enough to smile back despite her momentary puzzlement.

It seems entirely sensible to me and I’m pretty sure it would have worked beautifully with this group. Sitting still, waiting for your turn to speak, being mindful that everyone is allowed their say, is admirable but if we’d been moving, there’d have been less leaning on the table, bad posture and that clicking….I had to physically restrain myself from leaning over, placing my hand on the arm of the man sitting next to me and whispering quietly “That’s enough now”