This pre-planning stuff is a good idea! Today, wrested from sleep with offers of coffee, the very last thing I wanted to do was go for an ‘exercise walk’. Luckily for me, I’d already planned our day (with help from the kids). So after making a batch of roasted chick peas with garlic, salt and chilli and dividing almonds into little bags of 75cals each, in case I need a quick snack sometime, I pulled on my trusty (not often used) pink trainers and off we went!

The Koala Hospital was the first stop. It’s small and peaceful and interesting, with slumbering round, grey-furred creatures looped around their trees or stands. We sipped water and read the signs telling stories of koalas past and present and then prepared to leave. On the way out, I noticed (for the first time, and how can that be?!) The beautifully restored house on the same property and it was open! We walked through it and imagined how lovely it must have been to live somewhere so cool and pretty and private.

From there to the beach, munching fresh cool peaches that I’d stashed in the centre console of the car. It’s summer here, so it was hot and breezy and so….alive! I sometimes forget how amazing it is outside.

I left Andy and the kids making their way to the water and began walking up the beach, mapmywalk app set and water in my bag. I walked until I felt my feet starting to hurt and turned around then. Not because I couldn’t have kept going particularly but because this is early days and I want to be able to sustain it, rather than wear myself out on the first day.

Gorgeous beach!

Gorgeous beach!!"Come a bit just a bit closer"“Come a bit closer….now just a bit closer”

To be improved on but not a bad start :-)

To be improved on but not a bad start πŸ™‚


The beach is officially my new favourite place to walk. Long stretches of sand, with the wind to whip away the sound of my laboured breathing and hardly anyone there, save a few passers-by with dogs or people doing their own walking for the day.

Roll on Monday, I’m ready!!