Tomorrow is the day my first round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation starts. I’ve completed every pre-season task and I’m ready. I have to work on getting more sleep….

We were going out today, to do more fun things but opted to stay at home and get stuff done instead. Partly that was because we all slept in and partly because it just felt like that sort of day. A reasonable amount of lying around was done but somehow, in between, things happened…organically…easily. We had brunch on the verandah together and that was a good start to the day. Andy, always the most active member of our household, rushed about, doing jobs, going to Bunnings for hooks, drilling holes, calling out. Until finally, we have this, the house Command Centre!

20140202_191802 Because part of this descent into uncontrolled eating is to do with just not being organised I think. One of the tasks in this 12 week program is to get a diary and then use it. Being hopelessly addicted to Pinterest and having moved into a new house, it was a perfect time to get really….uncharacteristically…organised. So we did. There’s one basket for each child’s school notes, which would otherwise float aimlessly around the house until the moment we needed them, at which point, they’d dive under a cushion or something.

Hooks for bags and one in the middle for incidentals…hats, library bags etc.. and then the calendar, which is really a page from a desk planner because the boxes for writing things are bigger. The whiteboard is for writing shopping lists or reminders and soon, above the lightswitch on the left, there’ll be a roster. I’ve noticed that the kids do things much more quickly and with more purpose when they have their own list, rather than us telling them what to do as they go along. I feel a surge of satisfaction everytime I walk past this little bastion of order, a sort of ‘Yay’ sensation.

Lunch today was a salad of julienned zucchini and carrot, cherry tomatoes from the garden and tuna with chilli and apple cider vinegar dressing….yumptious!

20140202_145930 20140202_151704 20140202_150337 20140202_145502 20140202_145754

I attempted to make air-popped popcorn in the microwave today but since I couldn’t find my brown paper lunchbags, doubtless lost in the move, I opted for the less well known ‘bowl-with-a-plate-on-top’ method. It wasn’t hugely successful. Only about a third of the kernels popped. They tasted nice though..


Lastly, our youngest son and I planted carrots in a bucket and herbs in a long pot, which was gentle and fun.