Turning on the computer this morning, I was treated to a photo of myself in underpants and a bra, side on against a white wall. I remember the moment it was taken, mostly because it was only days ago. My husband took them and we were smiling. I was rueful but not upset and he was having fun getting the right camera angle. It was kind of fun actually.

Cut to this morning, just now actually. After the photos were taken, I filed them, expecting to take them out again in twelve weeks and marvel at the differences….and I will….but, and thank you again Windows 8, for your front page tiles…seeing the photo gave me a moment’s pause.

I’m only 5′,3″ and carrying this much weight makes me look….sort of comical…

When my older son was little, he had a gorgeous, soft, squishy Teddy Bear. I used to put one hand on its head and the other under its bum and squeeze, so that it looked like it had no neck. It made us laugh. Try it if you have one, it’s funny….until I realised why my almost naked photo looked so familiar….

Day 2 today and you can bet that I’m spurred on to my walk!