I’m almost at the end of the first week of 12WBT and I’m noticing some side effects.

The most significant of which is that I can breathe again.

I’ve noticed, without noticing (which takes some effort, I can tell you) that, in the last few years, it’s felt as though I have a belt around my diaphram, tightening almost imperceptibly day by day.

I’ve studiously ignored it, though I felt some distress about not being able to sing properly without taking breaths in the middle of words or warbling when the sound should have been much smoother. I love singing, so that’s been a big secret sadness for me.

It’s also embarrassing to be walking and panting, puffing, unable to hide the fact that I’m struggling. That’s lifting too. So is the little moment of panic I had every time I needed to take a deep breath, always accompanied by those tiny fingers of pain that subsided in a second but reminded me every time, how vulnerable I’d let myself become.

Pain in my hips and lower back when I’m sitting or standing or…anything except lying down, have all but gone too and I can’t even begin to explain what a relief it is.

As I woke up this morning, naturally and at six am (!), I took a breath and it was easy….it just flowed into my lungs without effort. It was so lovely. I’ve been taking deep breaths every now and then ever since, just because I can and it makes me smile. Small things but so good….

I’ve been walking every day, drinking plenty of water and staying within my suggested calorie intake, so I feel good about that too. I haven’t taken the suggested rest days, partly because I’m on a roll and partly because I don’t feel as though I’m pushing myself so hard that I need to rest from it.

Today I’m taking our older boy with me to do laps at the pool, my legs will thank me 🙂

My water now has its own dedicated basket in my bookcase

My water now has its own dedicated basket in my bookcase