By the time we’d finished swimming yesterday, I felt hungry. It’s a new feeling, this hunger. Not that I’ve never felt it, just not quite in this way, for quite a long time.

I never let it happen I guess, always filling myself up, tamping down my energy, my feelings, uncomfortable thoughts. So it feels strange, not awful, just strange. A sort of emptiness with claws. I don’t let it last long, I want to be in charge of what I eat, not eat because I feel ravenous and out of control.

So, dinner. I started cooking when we got home. I’d already planned it, so there was very little thinking to be done, a little like being on auto-pilot, which works for me. Therapeutic cooking or something.

Steak, salad, mushrooms. Easy. What made it even easier was that I’ve discovered that I can throw all the mushrooms into a casserole dish, with plenty of garlic, a tsp of butter and seasonings, and just let it do its thing while I make the rest of the food. What results is an almost impossibly rich, fragrant, meaty bowl of yumness!

Our youngest boy proclaimed dinner to be pretty much perfect, hooray 🙂


2014-02-09 17.01.37 20140209_175758 20140209_181346



This morning, after a rushed, partly shouty getting ready for school time and a drop off to each school, kisses, hugs, coming home for my breakfast, I met the neighbours for the first time….and they gave me tomatoes. Mmmmm…..tomatoes……

20140210_090748                             20140210_091041