Bright sunshine, pale blue water, people calling, laughing, splashing. Lanes to one side, swimmers, purposeful and goggled, me among them, slicing through the water, muscles remembering how to do it, moving forward with every arm movement, part of me switching off, getting out of my own way. Just swim, just move.

1km yesterday, goggles leaking, son giving me his because he’s just that sort of awesome, finishing triumphant. Waking this morning feeling more toned than yesterday and ready to do it again.

Getting to the pool again with a sense of happy gratitude that I get to be here with my kids, in the sun, blue sky, water soft and just the perfect temperature. More kids splashing, squealing with glee, being in life, alive, fearless, full of joy.

Finishing my 20 laps and deciding that I can do more, doing 4 more and then stopping, moving towards my boys, getting out, dripping, smiling, talking, driving home in the warmth of the car, wrapped in towels, drinking water.

Getting home to a house made lovely because Andy’s just that kind of awesome. Time to make us all dinner.