I’m imagining that title said in the rich, portentious tones of Sean Connery and the crowd hushing (that would be me, since Andy’s left for work and the kids are still asleep) as I step onto the scales….

1.2kg lighter

Hooray! I’m on the right track, though of course, being a long time dieter, it would have been nice to see some big, dramatic number every week. But in Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation, it isn’t called a weigh-in, it’s called a ‘weekly checkpoint’ and I like that much better. Because this isn’t just about the weight, although that’s certainly the driving force. This is more than that. There are other changes to be noticed, like the fact that when I look in the mirror, the woman looking back at me looks healthier, and activated, alert and eager for life. That alone is worth much.

Add to that the fact that my children, all of us, are reaping the benefits of having a truly healthful diet, rich in fruits and veg, low in sugars and that we all have better energy levels as a result.

Then there are the walks, with my boys, my friends, my sister, those opportunities to talk with the people I love to be with, while we move.

Swimming too, which I’ve always loved, really loved, ever since my Mum taught me how to swim when I was little, in our local pool. She held a feather and I’d swim towards it. She’d stand in the water, healthy and tanned, moving slowly backwards as I swam, giving me encouragement, cheering when I made it.

One thing I need to be more careful of this coming week is my calorie intake. In my care to not overdo it, it seems I’m not actually eating enough! I haven’t felt hungry and I’m certainly not starving myself but my hunger prompts have been knocked about a bit in the last….lots of years and I’m having to re-learn what they feel like. Until then, I’ll have to make sure I get to the required calories. Now there’s a turnabout!