This morning was hard. Like ‘turn over and go back to sleep, get up tomorrow’ kind of hard.

I almost decided on the spot that this was definitely a rest from exercise day and that’s what got me up and out of bed. Because today heralds that time, you know the time

It’s that time just after the big push of enthusiasm, when you’ve been riding the wave of excitement in the novelty of the project at hand……and then you(I) hit the first slump.

Traditionally, this is where I fall. It’s me resisting my own desire for change. It isn’t fair or right or even logical, it just is and most often, on a day like today, I’d have slept that extra 15 minutes and driven Zac to school, telling myself any number of very plausible things, which ultimately would have led to me being back where I started. I’m very persuasive……and it’s worked before.

But not today.

Today I got out of bed, did the morning routine with as much grace as I could muster and walked Zac to school. It isn’t far. There and back only takes me 15 minutes but it was significant for me. It marked a moment of me taking a stand against sliding back into what was, in favour of continuing to move towards what will be.

Breakfast tasted extra good today.