As I wrote that, I immediately heard it in my head as a chant, along with a picture of myself a la Spaniard, clicking my fingers and stamping, hence the Hurrah at the end. Small amusements go a long way at 5.40am….

One of the interesting things about overhauling my diet and the way I move is the bodily changes that go with it, beyond the most obvious, losing weight. While most of these don’t need to be discussed here (Andy, of course, gets chapter and verse. Happy Valentines Day Darling…) there are some things that make me curious. Like, I have a mouth ulcer.

There are myriad causes of mouth ulcers apparently, being run down, nutritional deficiencies, injury, stress, to name a few. I’m at a bit of a loss to explain why I’d have one now, given the amount of fresh foods and extra sleep I’m having but ho hum, it’ll go away soon, I’m sure and in the meantime, it’s caused me to review my food and make sure I’m covering all food groups sufficiently, so that’s good I guess.

I’ve been looking at hormones and the way they affect bodies, particularly my own. Delicate things, hormones, affected by lack of sleep, toxins, foods with little or no nutritional value, too much sugar, wheat, bad fats….when I think about what I’ve been doing to my body for the years, I wonder how I’ve survived this long without falling over in a quivering mess….oh….wait….

The good news is that with a reversal of habits, there will, hopefully, be a rebalancing of my hormones, I will then become ultra zen and calm, slender and flexible, joyous at all times, as rested as a newborn babe….or at least I might stop yelling when I feel stressed out.

In other news, my pedometer arrived yesterday, hooray!! It’s an Omron, purportedly one of the most accurate and rather than needing to be clipped to my belt, (I don’t wear a belt and clipping them to my pants has resulted in many lost pedometers..) it can hang from a lanyard at my neck, or be put into a pocket, or even tucked into my bag! I’ve gone for the lanyard option, this way I can pop it on in the mornings and pretty much forget about it.


To go with my shiny new toy, I’ve rejuvenated my profile at a site I used to use about 5 years ago, called Walking With Attitude. The idea is to add a new facet of interest to walking, a dollop of fun and purpose, if you will. They offer an array of walking programs, from the shortest ‘Zero to 10,000 steps’, where you can choose, as I have, one of several short virtual trips, to much longer virtual walks around Africa, Australia, The UK and others.

The one I chose is a walk around Tasmania, with milestones along the way and trophies to be collected. They send encouraging emails, there are leaderboards, forums etc…. There’s a cost to join but for me, it’s worth it. I’m much more likely to continue to walk when it feels as though there’s a purpose to it. You can even join teams and be part of racking up the steps to get the whole team to their destination.

I’m glad to have the added impetus today because it’s raining….quite a lot…. 🙂