You can say that in a Dalek voice if you need to. I know that’s how I heard it yesterday when I said it to myself, puffing up a hill in the heat of the day.

Because this week, my subconscious me, or the me who’s afraid of change, or whatever it is, has been coming up with an amazing amount of resistance. I’ve had a sore foot, a mouth ulcer, a sore tooth. I’ve been tired, achey, cross, busy, too hot, you name it. It hasn’t stopped me but it’s made it harder than it needs to be. Until finally, yesterday, overheated and sweating, just putting one foot in front of the other, I told myself, without really thinking about it or realising the significance of the words; ‘Resistance is futile’.

As soon as I said it, I laughed, because it’s such a Doctor Who thing to say, but I said it again anyway because laughing or not, I mean it. I’m not stopping.

Today my mouth ulcer has gone, my shoulders are ache-free, I don’t feel that motivation-sucking weariness and we walked….and we walked and walked and walked.

Maybe it’s coincidence but I like to imagine that the message got through….

NB: ‘We’ is me and Zac, telling each other stories all the way 🙂