I was a bit worried about rest days, that maybe it’d be harder, or that I’d feel less motivated, that my foray into the land of cake and no exercise might have sapped my will.                                                                                                 (I can get more dramatic than that if you give me a minute..)

I think making the decision last night, to be excited to move again today was a good one. This morning I had to take the car in for a service. I dropped it off, made sure they had my phone number and started to walk. I love how versatile walking is, as an exercise. It requires no special equipment, apart from my shoes and it doesn’t need a track, or a gym, or anything really. It’s just one foot in front of the other, again and again and again, and the distance just rolls out behind me.

Later, I watched a Michelle Bridges 12WBT video, the latest in the course, where she talks about motivation being far less important than consistency. That sometimes ‘Just fricking do it’ (her words, I’m not as polite) is the key. I’ve found myself really responding to this stuff. I like the idea of having all the emotion and worry taken out of exercise and diet. Just keep moving works well for me.

By the time they called me to say that the car was ready, I was almost back at the garage, with 6km behind me and a definite sense of achievement.

Just keep moving, just keep moving... :-)

Just keep moving, just keep moving… 🙂

I know that walking isn’t the only exercise there is, and that eventually, as I lose weight and feel fitter, I’ll want to try other things again too but for now, it’s pretty much perfect. I finish with a sore, weary body and a renewed enthusiasm to eat healthily and have regular sleep.

Still, I’m looking forward to the time that all the school swimming carnivals are done, so I can use the pool again….