I suppose the first thing to say is that I’m still absolutely on track with my goals. I had my first ‘slip-up’ day on Friday. That is to say, the first day where I felt as though I wasn’t honouring my commitment to myself around my goal to lose weight and get healthy.

It isn’t that I ate anything I wasn’t happy with. More that I just wasn’t watching. I sort of shut myself out or something and just cruised on auto-pilot. I meant to exercise but didn’t. Instead I watched interesting things on the internet (Read: The Tomorrow People and Elementary) and ran some errands before lazing some more.

On Saturday, we lazed for a large part of the day but in the end, we did go out to walk and ended up doing 6.2km, along the waterfront. After a couple of days without exercise, I was a bit sore to start with but as we went along, I warmed up. The bonus for that walk was our oldest son, Sam, who decided he was my personal trainer and pushed me to run short distances over bridges, made me laugh and pushed me to do an extra km when I would have stopped at 5km. He says to be prepared for next Saturday 🙂

On Sunday, he and Andy went long distances to play sport, so Zac and I went kayaking, which was very good fun.

I fell out more than once, which he found hilarious and to be fair, so did I. Luckily, I’d remembered to leave my phone and bag in the car, or I’d have been laughing less.

It didn’t feel very physically onerous, paddling along in the water but later my stomach muscles and shoulders were feeling it, which is pretty awesome. Painless exercise! 🙂

It might be that I have a tan from the summer sun, but I feel as though I can see a difference beginning to happen in the shape of my face. The other thing is that I’m cautiously thinking there’s a bit of a difference in the shape of my body too. Nothing that will be particularly visible from anyone else’s point of view but….well…I live in here.

On Wednesday, I’ll redo my measurements, along with my weigh-in and see how far I’ve come thus far. It’s starting to get exciting. I think my body’s gearing up to let go of the weight in earnest. Hooray!