Such a beautiful day today. Another one.

I had a meeting this morning at 8.30am but from 10am I was free to walk, so after collecting water and an ipod from home, I went down to the Marina and started the waterfront walk.

Some days were just made for gratitude and this was one of them. A proliferation of birds of all kinds called to each other, in languages I don’t speak. I smiled at a hundred people along the way, dressed in so many different ways, with so many different destinations and conversations.

The undulating blue-silver of the sea threw up wavelets along the breakwall and for a moment I saw two dolphins, swimming lazily together, lifting themselves out of the water in a sudden fluid leap and it made my heart lift with them so that I stood for a moment, looking around for someone to share it with. An old man and his wife had seen it too and we smiled hugely at each other, then walked by.

Trying to get a photo of the dolphins as they rose from the water. Not quite quick enough :-)

Trying to get a photo of the dolphins as they rose from the water. Not quite quick enough πŸ™‚

I meant to do the same 6km walk I’d done with my family on the weekend but as I approached that halfway mark, I suddenly wanted to do more. Knew I could do more.

In retrospect, perhaps I should have changed out of my long black pants and long-sleeved top, worn for the morning’s meeting. It was hot out there today. I was carrying two bottles of water though and there are water bubblers along the way, so all was well.

My legs felt elastic, moving, moving, moving, along the undulating paths. Weaving in and out of trees, never losing sight of the sea. It was joyous and I laughed.

When I described it to Andy later, he remarked that I might have looked a bit crazed but I prefer to think that anyone seeing me would have recognised the pure light of joy in my eyes. πŸ™‚

It’s weigh-in day tomorrow but whatever the results, this week I have triumphed. I’ve pushed myself to walk further than before and I’ve eaten beautiful, fresh, wholesome foods. My body feels as though it belongs to me again, perhaps for the first time since I had children.

It’s hard to explain, because I’m really just at the beginning of this journey still but there’s been a fundamental shift this week. Something has changed. There’s no doubt that there’ll be more times of self-doubt or hormonal despond but for right now, I know that success is inevitable. I heard that phrase on one of the 12WBT videos and it hit me squarely. I’ll use it often.

So I walked and by the time I returned to my car, I’d done 9km. Both hands shot into the air in a silent air-punch of achievement. I stretched, got back into the car and drove home for lunch

Left over crunchy salad with tuna and a dollop of cottage cheese, followed by a cup of fruit salad. Then tonight’s dinner was oodles of zoodles, cooked with bacon and mushrooms, onion, garlic, chilli, zucchini, egg and a tablespoon of greek yoghurt. Just. So. Good!