For the end of week 6…so, not confusing at all then…. 🙂

I might have mentioned that I haven’t been counting my calories this week, even though I’ve been eating good food. It was sort of an experiment,  to see whether I have a handle on it yet.
The answer is (drum roll please…) that it needs more work. This week I lost a weirdly specific 200g…..
It’s something to add to the mounting weight loss triumph but I can do better.
Okay,  I’m 6 weeks into the 12 week program and I need to reassess, go back to basics I think. The first thing is water intake. I’ve been a bit slack on making sure I have enough and I’ve been feeling thirsty. Good, that’s easy enough.
Next, writing down what I’m eating. I haven’t been doing it since our holiday. I got a bit complacent I think. So, this week everything gets written down.
Lastly, exercise. I’m at the end of a week where I didn’t exercise every day, which is what I had been doing before.  Even a kilometre or two is better than nothing.