Okay, just one foot in front of the other, no problem, I’ve got this. There’s a pain in my ankle…nothing serious, keep going…This hill wasn’t this steep the other day…was it? Why is my breathing so loud? Gee, my knee hurts a bit. Maybe just a short walk today and then I can go and do something else. There’s some washing that needs to be done and I could do with a coffee….I’ll just walk up to the next street and then I’ll turn around.

Hmm…I could just walk a few more streets up, I’m past that hill. Yes, just a few more…oh wait, I have the ipod! Great, some music! Let’s see….yep, there it is. Workout music. Perfect. Swinging my arms, feeling good, this is easy.

Far out this hill is tough! What was I thinking?! Just keep moving, just keep moving, you can do it, just get to the top…..ahhhh…made it! Music pounding, cars travelling by, sweat on my forehead, feeling the burn in my legs and the newly familiar strength in my abdomen. It’s okay, almost time to turn around….won’t be long….here it is!

I could just keep going….after all, I’ve come this far, and I feel pretty warmed up now…..walking, walking, past the turn-around point and onward. Head up, listening to the beat, speeding my steps to match it. Legs moving elastically, arms pumping.

Moving, moving…another hill…slower but still moving up. Keep going, keep going….

Almost home, just another km or so to go now….I love this music! Singing along, arms moving in unsubtle drumming rhythms, joining in as I walk. Arms up, dance-walking now, bouncing along on the homeward stretch. I could do this all day!! Another hill? No problem!! I love walking! Maybe I could just go around the block before I go home? Looking at the clock. No, better not but wow, this feels amazing!!!

Checking my phone to see how far I went today. 6km…air punching!

Letting myself into the house…..stretching, drinking water, showering, getting dressed, relaxing.