I haven’t exercised properly this week and I let myself get tired and discouraged, so this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was stand on the scales and then report it here.

I feel cross with myself. I haven’t been doing my best and as a result, I’ve felt lost with it.

So imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw that not only have I not put on weight but I’m actually 800g lighter! almost a kilo! Which brings my total to 8.1 kg lighter than when I started. Hooray!

All that angst and self flagellation…..

So this morning I’m off to walk with Natalie, I’ve taken chicken out of the freezer, to make Zac’s request. Lemon and garlic chicken breasts with salad and I’m going to try to remember not to be complacent but not to berate myself about things either. πŸ™‚