Well this feels familiar… The first couple of days of the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT have been good. I was surprised when I stood on the scales, to see that I’ve lost a little more weight, bringing the total to 10.2kg ย (22.4lbs). Hooray for that ๐Ÿ™‚

I start a new job today. Homecare worker for an aged care company, which involves some cleaning, shopping, driving to medical appointments etc. I’m looking forward to it, it sounds fairly easy to do well.

On the menu today are Homemade Turkey Burgers on Cauliflower Buns from Live right, Be healthy. I made the buns yesterday and they’ve been waiting in little ziplock bags in the freezer. I tasted the edge of one and it was pretty good.

Since the whole gallbladder thing, I’ve needed to be really careful about the food I make and eat. Anything with fat in it prompts the gallbladder to try to dump bile, which causes pain as it tries to squeeze past the stone. So, until the stone goes, it’s fat-free all the way. Or as fat-free as I’m willing for.

Turns out there’s fat in a lot of stuff, even healthy, fabulous things….

It’s lovely, this quiet of the early morning. It isn’t the silence of loneliness or the relieved quiet at the end of the day. It has a different quality. It’s the quiet of my children asleep, safe, cosy in their beds. Of a new day, still dormant but about to unfurl softly. It’s the quiet of possibility.