Anyone who has lived with me will know that the road between me and mess is a short, oft-traversed one. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it when things are neat, or that I don’t tidy and clean, it’s just that I make the mess faster than I can tidy it up.

I think it’s that I’m easily distracted. I want to try things out and so I begin new things before I finish the last. Think kids at play, pulling out toy after toy as the mother stands behind them putting things back into the cupboard and you’ll get the general idea.

As we speak, I have a half-crocheted beanie sitting on the coffee table with a pile of three books. I can’t crochet but I saw a dress made from doilies and it looked so interesting that I started to look online for batches of them. Then I started to wonder how hard it was really, to just make them? The next day, after a trip to Spotlight, I was the proud owner of a crochet hook and a colourful ball of yarn. I spent a few hours over the course of the next few days, watching Youtube videos on how to make doilies and then, when mine turned out looking like a beautiful spider’s web, I decided to make it into a beanie instead. I put it next to my chair to do later…..

In my office there’s a cardboard box with a whole little scene, like the set of a play, inside it. I like miniature things and I like making things. Ta dah! I decided to build a tiny scene and then take pictures of it with an ipod set up on a tripod. So I did and it was fun, now it languishes until I can think of something else to do with it. On my desk, there’s a half-written novel, a guitar book sits next to my chair, or it did. It was recently moved to make way for the vacuum cleaner.

I’m not as messy as I used to be but knowing my limitations in this area, I keep looking for ways to improve it.

We have a timer in the shape of a hamburger that we use to do short blitzes. We made the ‘command centre’ in the laundry, to hang schoolbags and keep track of our weeks and various other tricky things. The boys would rather do anything else in the world than help to keep our house tidy but for the most part, they’re uncomplaining apart from the exaggerated shoulder slump. Sam’s a trouper usually but he’s a teenager now and it’s becoming harder to motivate him. So today’s conversation was about ‘nourishing our space’.

I have no idea where I plucked this particular phrase from but I like it.. We have a long weekend this weekend, so we’ve decided to balance our time between doing fun activities and giving attention to the place we live in, or ‘nourishing our space’. I should mention at this stage that Andy is already really good at this. He moves around the house and garden smoothly, easily, picking up, improving, making better, all the time.

We started in the garden, which Zac thought was the perfect time to try on the morphsuit he hasn’t worn for months……


Zac and his Morphsuit to the rescue!

Zac and his Morphsuit to the rescue!


Sam whipper snipping the veg garden.

Sam whipper snipping the veg garden.

Andy hanging out the washing. Handsome huh? :-)

Andy hanging out the washing. Handsome huh? 🙂

We got lots done. Windows cleaned, guinea pig cages cleaned and stocked with food and hay, vacuuming, car cleaned and polished, Andy put a mirror on the wall, washing. There was much activity and still time to relax and drink coffee, watch tv etc.

Then I made dinner and that deserves its own post because…..YUM! 🙂