So, a new Round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation begins. Just to give context to the numbers which will appear below, I started my first round at 112.8kg and I’m currently 102.6kg at the beginning of this round.
This time, the aim is to lose 10kg by the end of the three months, since it seems to be do-able for me 🙂

Unfortunately, I lost the web address of the last ticker I was using (see below), so I’ve had to make a new one. It’s pretty though, so yay.

I’ll be weighing in every Wednesday and updating just below the ticker.


06/05/14-  102.6kg 🙂




This is where I’ll track my progress. I’ve decided to start with a goal of 20kg, which is what I’m aiming to achieve by the end of this three month round of 12WBT.

Week 1-  3kg lighter 🙂

Week2- 1.2kg lighter 🙂

Week3– 1.1kg lighter 🙂

Week4– 1kg on….oops

Week5– 1.5kg lighter 🙂

Week6- 1.7kg lighter 🙂

Week7- 0.2kg lighter 🙂

Week8- 0.4kg on

Week9- o.8kg lighter 🙂

Week10- 1kg lighter 🙂