Fresh, colourful foods. Foods that feel good to make and even better to eat. Foods full of all the good, vitamin enriched, healthy, life-giving things. Crunchy, alive wonderful and……

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why on earth I eat anything but this stuff? Certainly not the wheat-laden, sugar-heavy, dairy-rich foods I’ve habitually fed myself….and that’s just it I think. It’s habit as much as anything. Doing what seems to be easy. Grabbing whatever’s closest instead of really thinking about it.

Sometimes I actually crave salads and hot chilli soups and have eaten meat and veg instead, followed by….well, let’s draw a veil over that shall we? 

Sometimes in fact, I find myself fondly remembering ‘salads-I-have-eaten’ and have to shake myself from my reverie in order to eat those cheese and crackers on my plate.

One of my favourite salads was eaten on Murano, Venice while we were travelling, pre-children. In a pizza place, we were served a simple chopped salad of the crunchiest, deliciousest (yes I know it isn’t a word but say it out loud and you’ll see why I kept it) salad veg, dressed with vinegar and olive oil

Today, to go with our Baked Barramundi in Tomato Sauce, I made my version of it and it was everything I remembered.

1 Salad bowl

mid-chopping chopped salad

Now if anyone can help me with a recipe for a salad that includes grated carrots and fresh beetroot, sultanas and….other yummy things I can’t remember….I’d be really grateful. I had it at a Mind Body Spirit Festival in London and it’s lingered in the corners of my taste buds’ memory ever since.