For those who arrived here on a search for something quite different, my apologies. This isn’t that. Try the next link, quick! 🙂

I just got home from a 3.2km walk and I feel great. My body continues to astound me. Even after years of neglect and indiff…no, not indifference…not that….more a sort of uncomfortable ignoring…my body rises to every challenge I give it, with hardly a whimper.

Though there was a little whimpering today, it was that last hill. As I crested the rise, I could almost imagine my ankles saying as they creaked under the strain “I’m sorry, are you serious?!”

I, meanwhile was having a fine time in the cool of the morning, bouncing along, so I hushed them gently and kept moving. This morning, I tried a different walk, not a power walk or a timed, heart rate monitor sort of walk, just different to the ones I had yesterday and the day before.

I walked Zac to school, a new habit that we’re both loving. It gives us time to talk and he’s such a pleasure to be with, for me. I waved him goodbye and kept going, up the long road near to our home, realising about 5 minutes in that I hadn’t had breakfast yet. I thought about truncating the walk, worried that I might feel less enthusiastic next time if this walk was too uncomfortable, or if I ran out of energy…..but I didn’t and to say I’m glad of it is a huge understatement!

I walked and walked and walked, one foot in front of the other, up and down hills, zoning out, just taking in the beauty of the morning, the people who smiled at me as they passed and the ‘thump, thump’ of the workout music in my ears, from the ipod in my hand. Until finally, I reached a natural point where I felt it was time to turn around, so I did.

I might have looked like a mad woman in pink, walking, laughing with something akin to elation but that’s okay because today I walked happy and it feels so good.

So ankles, thank you for carrying me around for so long, my apologies for the hills but it’ll get easier from here on in, I promise.