Today was great. Not perfect, not exactly as planned but great.

First things first. I learned a lesson about my exercise routine today. I need to be a morning exerciser. Leaving it until later offers too many possibilities of derailment! I walked and worked around the house but tomorrow I have a different plan….one involving a friend and a long stretch of beach…..and the next day too. That way, I get the pleasure of my friends’ company AND a good long walk as well, leaving me the afternoon to do more, or not as I please, without guilt. Yay for figuring that out 🙂

I was careful with calories today…too careful as it turns out because even after breakfast (porridge), lunch (tuna salad) dinner (fish, homemade vegetable sauce, broccoli and green beans) and snacks (almonds, peach and a plum), by bedtime I’ve still only racked up 907.3 calories. Part of me, the part that’s still working on the ‘let’s see if starving myself will work’ premise, is doing a happy dance. The other, more sensible part of me knows that it’s more sustainable to actually eat the 1200 calories allotted to me.

Dinner should have been lovely and to be fair, it tasted delicious. Just the right savouriness, veges cooked to perfection….the problem was the spinach in the sauce I think. To make it, I put tinned tomatoes, lots of garlic, thai basil, a little veg stock powder, baby spinach, a carrot and two zucchini. It was a bright, gorgeous green colour……until I cooked the fish in it and it went a sort of indeterminate brown colour, which the kids eyed very suspiciously. To be fair, it wasn’t my finest cooking moment…

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