With two days left until the launch of this, my first round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, I think….I hope…that I’ve covered everything, to set myself up for success.

I’ve bought a diary and put important dates, including exercise times and types into it. I’ve scoped out my local park for distances and places to stretch. I have a space lined up for those rainy days when I’ll be doing indoor exercise and my new sports bras are even now, winging their way across the seas to me from Bravissimo in the UK. (This is because I couldn’t find any in my size locally) I found an app called Mapmywalk, which is absolutely great for telling me how far I’ve walked and how long it’s taken me.

What else?

Oh yes, I made a meal plan and went shopping. Interestingly but no doubt obviously, I spent only two thirds of the money I’d usually have spent and still managed to get everything I need for a family of four for the week.

When we moved into this house, and have I mentioned how much I love this house? We discovered what looked like an unused vegetable garden in the corner of the yard. Since then, between it and the compost bins, have grown what looks like a million cherry tomato plants and a huge vine with big yellow flowers, which I think is probably pumpkin but I’ll wait and see what fruits.

This was very encouraging and I immediately went and bought tools, fertilisers, compost and soil, to re-invigorate the vege patch. Since I haven’t actually ever grown a successful vege garden before, I also did lots of online research and youtube watching and I hope the seeds that arrived in the post today, from Boondie Seeds, are going to find a happy home with us, providing lots of fresh food and further decreasing the shopping bill.

I got a catalogue from Eden Seeds too and it’s gorgeous. Just looking at all the bright, fresh, vitamin laden fruit and veg lifts my heart and makes me smile.

Then there’s this;

Grapes for freezing

Grapes for freezing

These are in the freezer for the coming week. They’re on special in Coles for $2 a kilo and they’ll be perfect for when I feel like something sugary after dinner.

The deal here is that I’m setting myself up for success. I want this to work. This is me, giving myself the gift of preparation.

Oh and I took before photos……which were every bit as awful as that sounds….BUT….one day soon, I’m going to look back at them with love and thanks.