The gym rather than the shape 🙂

I went on Thursday to have a look and then today I went for my induction and first workout. I like it. It has a positive, inclusive atmosphere. It’s a women-only gym. I’m not sure how much, if anything, that’ll add to my experience but the idea I think, is for women to feel less self-conscious, or maybe I’m missing the mark with that. Please feel free to correct me, or give your opinion. I’m open to learning.

There are strength/resistance training machines in a circuit, interspersed with walking/running/free exercise boards and every thirty seconds there’s a voiceover, across the music which says “Please move to the next machine” or something like that. I’m sure I’ll know it by heart after a session or two.

Members come in, scan their card and put their things into a locker, then do two rounds of the circuit, which takes about 30 minutes. After that, there’s stretching and voila, that’s it. At first glance, it looks pretty easy and I wondered if it’s possible to just keep going after the two circuits are completed but after doing my first workout, I get it. As long as you’re really working at the machines and keeping your heart rate up when you get to the boards in between, you should be pretty ready to stop at the end of it.

They encourage extra cardio, walking etc as well and I’ll do both. I’m glad to have joined. I was falling a bit by the wayside with exercise, after the few weeks off. This feels like a good kickstart.