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12wbt 1st round launched!!!

Today was great. Not perfect, not exactly as planned but great.

First things first. I learned a lesson about my exercise routine today. I need to be a morning exerciser. Leaving it until later offers too many possibilities of derailment! I walked and worked around the house but tomorrow I have a different plan….one involving a friend and a long stretch of beach…..and the next day too. That way, I get the pleasure of my friends’ company AND a good long walk as well, leaving me the afternoon to do more, or not as I please, without guilt. Yay for figuring that out 🙂

I was careful with calories today…too careful as it turns out because even after breakfast (porridge), lunch (tuna salad) dinner (fish, homemade vegetable sauce, broccoli and green beans) and snacks (almonds, peach and a plum), by bedtime I’ve still only racked up 907.3 calories. Part of me, the part that’s still working on the ‘let’s see if starving myself will work’ premise, is doing a happy dance. The other, more sensible part of me knows that it’s more sustainable to actually eat the 1200 calories allotted to me.

Dinner should have been lovely and to be fair, it tasted delicious. Just the right savouriness, veges cooked to perfection….the problem was the spinach in the sauce I think. To make it, I put tinned tomatoes, lots of garlic, thai basil, a little veg stock powder, baby spinach, a carrot and two zucchini. It was a bright, gorgeous green colour……until I cooked the fish in it and it went a sort of indeterminate brown colour, which the kids eyed very suspiciously. To be fair, it wasn’t my finest cooking moment…

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Tomorrow is the day my first round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation starts. I’ve completed every pre-season task and I’m ready. I have to work on getting more sleep….

We were going out today, to do more fun things but opted to stay at home and get stuff done instead. Partly that was because we all slept in and partly because it just felt like that sort of day. A reasonable amount of lying around was done but somehow, in between, things happened…organically…easily. We had brunch on the verandah together and that was a good start to the day. Andy, always the most active member of our household, rushed about, doing jobs, going to Bunnings for hooks, drilling holes, calling out. Until finally, we have this, the house Command Centre!

20140202_191802 Because part of this descent into uncontrolled eating is to do with just not being organised I think. One of the tasks in this 12 week program is to get a diary and then use it. Being hopelessly addicted to Pinterest and having moved into a new house, it was a perfect time to get really….uncharacteristically…organised. So we did. There’s one basket for each child’s school notes, which would otherwise float aimlessly around the house until the moment we needed them, at which point, they’d dive under a cushion or something.

Hooks for bags and one in the middle for incidentals…hats, library bags etc.. and then the calendar, which is really a page from a desk planner because the boxes for writing things are bigger. The whiteboard is for writing shopping lists or reminders and soon, above the lightswitch on the left, there’ll be a roster. I’ve noticed that the kids do things much more quickly and with more purpose when they have their own list, rather than us telling them what to do as they go along. I feel a surge of satisfaction everytime I walk past this little bastion of order, a sort of ‘Yay’ sensation.

Lunch today was a salad of julienned zucchini and carrot, cherry tomatoes from the garden and tuna with chilli and apple cider vinegar dressing….yumptious!

20140202_145930 20140202_151704 20140202_150337 20140202_145502 20140202_145754

I attempted to make air-popped popcorn in the microwave today but since I couldn’t find my brown paper lunchbags, doubtless lost in the move, I opted for the less well known ‘bowl-with-a-plate-on-top’ method. It wasn’t hugely successful. Only about a third of the kernels popped. They tasted nice though..


Lastly, our youngest son and I planted carrots in a bucket and herbs in a long pot, which was gentle and fun.



This pre-planning stuff is a good idea! Today, wrested from sleep with offers of coffee, the very last thing I wanted to do was go for an ‘exercise walk’. Luckily for me, I’d already planned our day (with help from the kids). So after making a batch of roasted chick peas with garlic, salt and chilli and dividing almonds into little bags of 75cals each, in case I need a quick snack sometime, I pulled on my trusty (not often used) pink trainers and off we went!

The Koala Hospital was the first stop. It’s small and peaceful and interesting, with slumbering round, grey-furred creatures looped around their trees or stands. We sipped water and read the signs telling stories of koalas past and present and then prepared to leave. On the way out, I noticed (for the first time, and how can that be?!) The beautifully restored house on the same property and it was open! We walked through it and imagined how lovely it must have been to live somewhere so cool and pretty and private.

From there to the beach, munching fresh cool peaches that I’d stashed in the centre console of the car. It’s summer here, so it was hot and breezy and so….alive! I sometimes forget how amazing it is outside.

I left Andy and the kids making their way to the water and began walking up the beach, mapmywalk app set and water in my bag. I walked until I felt my feet starting to hurt and turned around then. Not because I couldn’t have kept going particularly but because this is early days and I want to be able to sustain it, rather than wear myself out on the first day.

Gorgeous beach!

Gorgeous beach!!"Come a bit closer....now just a bit closer"“Come a bit closer….now just a bit closer”

To be improved on but not a bad start :-)

To be improved on but not a bad start 🙂


The beach is officially my new favourite place to walk. Long stretches of sand, with the wind to whip away the sound of my laboured breathing and hardly anyone there, save a few passers-by with dogs or people doing their own walking for the day.

Roll on Monday, I’m ready!!


With two days left until the launch of this, my first round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, I think….I hope…that I’ve covered everything, to set myself up for success.

I’ve bought a diary and put important dates, including exercise times and types into it. I’ve scoped out my local park for distances and places to stretch. I have a space lined up for those rainy days when I’ll be doing indoor exercise and my new sports bras are even now, winging their way across the seas to me from Bravissimo in the UK. (This is because I couldn’t find any in my size locally) I found an app called Mapmywalk, which is absolutely great for telling me how far I’ve walked and how long it’s taken me.

What else?

Oh yes, I made a meal plan and went shopping. Interestingly but no doubt obviously, I spent only two thirds of the money I’d usually have spent and still managed to get everything I need for a family of four for the week.

When we moved into this house, and have I mentioned how much I love this house? We discovered what looked like an unused vegetable garden in the corner of the yard. Since then, between it and the compost bins, have grown what looks like a million cherry tomato plants and a huge vine with big yellow flowers, which I think is probably pumpkin but I’ll wait and see what fruits.

This was very encouraging and I immediately went and bought tools, fertilisers, compost and soil, to re-invigorate the vege patch. Since I haven’t actually ever grown a successful vege garden before, I also did lots of online research and youtube watching and I hope the seeds that arrived in the post today, from Boondie Seeds, are going to find a happy home with us, providing lots of fresh food and further decreasing the shopping bill.

I got a catalogue from Eden Seeds too and it’s gorgeous. Just looking at all the bright, fresh, vitamin laden fruit and veg lifts my heart and makes me smile.

Then there’s this;

Grapes for freezing

Grapes for freezing

These are in the freezer for the coming week. They’re on special in Coles for $2 a kilo and they’ll be perfect for when I feel like something sugary after dinner.

The deal here is that I’m setting myself up for success. I want this to work. This is me, giving myself the gift of preparation.

Oh and I took before photos……which were every bit as awful as that sounds….BUT….one day soon, I’m going to look back at them with love and thanks.

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