This is one of my Green Smoothie Jugs, into which I put a combination of greens, fruits and water. Sometimes just the act of buying the ingredients and putting them into the blender is an uplifting experience all by itself. The bright colours, the sharp, clean, fresh smells, together with the knowledge that every bit of this concoction will be fantastic for my body and give me the gift of a brighter morning.

Sounds a bit far-fetched doesn’t it? But it isn’t, I promise. Try it and see.

My usual smoothie is made with greens (kale, baby spinach, parsley, or whatever I have in my fridge), a green apple, an orange, a handful of mint, a chunk of ginger and some cold water. Delicious, healthy and gorgeous.


50c a kilo for Granny Smith apples!

Not everything I eat is so healthy of course, else I’d not be heavier than I’ve ever been before, which is a rather neat segue into the next part of this post….The Heavy Duty Treadmill…..

After doing some more research and reading some more reviews, it’s come to my attention, that though pretty good value and reasonably sturdy, the treadmill I’d decided to buy may not be up to the job and that the Confidence Fitness MTI Motorised Treadmill might be better suited to my starting weight.

It’s a bit of a lowering reflection but heigh ho, getting healthy and losing weight is the name of the game. It’s a bigger machine but I’d rather have something that will carry me, and the motor’s bigger, which feels strangely comforting.

I’m looking forward to not even thinking about stuff like that. You know…whether something will carry me, or whether it’ll groan and collapse with a sigh and a wheeze….