There was a school swimming carnival this morning, part of the reason for the rush, and while it began well, with cheering and smiling, it ended with a distressed, crying child, begging to be taken home.

By the time we’d got to this point, lunchtime had well and truly arrived, for both of us. My thoughts turned towards the small tin of tuna, tucked into the front of my bag days ago and then away again as more hugs were needed.

We’d hardly walked in the door and settled said child onto the couch with his lunchbox, than I was marching into the kitchen, like some sort of inexorable force, sights set on the zucchini I could see peeking from beneath a tomato, on my bench. In seconds, I swear it was seconds, I had a huge salad assembled and like magic a fork appeared in my hand and I was eating like a machine.

Note to self; Next time, take an apple!

The salad was too big but I didn’t realise it until after I’d surrounded it with my stomach. I still hadn’t walked either and it would have to wait now, until everyone else got home. It was lovely, snuggling, dozing quietly, watching kid’s TV, belly sore from salad over indulgence….Just say that again….it sounds ridiculous…

When the time came to walk, it was such an effort to get up. Today was definitely a JFDI sort of day. I felt sore in the arms from yesterday’s swim, overfed, sleepy from a disrupted routine last night (which just means it was the weekend and I was readjusting)…..there were excuses aplenty to be had.

So I walked, with my boy, and we talked….or rather he talked and I puffed and moved forward, knowing that each step took me closer to being able to chill out again. The lesson here, for me, is Morning Exercise!!!!!!!!