Dear Claudia,
I love you. Now and on that day we step over the finish line of this challenge. This isn’t about whether you’re a worthwhile person, you are. This is about feeling healthy and strong and joyous about life, instead of sluggish and trying to stay upbeat. Thank you for having the courage to step up and register in this program, I appreciate it. You know how much.
I’m excited, really excited, for the first time in what feels like a long time and I know there might be times when I feel tempted to skip a walk or eat that extra something but I know you’ll handle it because this is the time. This is our time and we’ve got this.
I’m so proud of you, you prepared, did all the pre-season tasks, set yourself up for success and even though your fitness score was so low, you turned it to your advantage, deciding that it’s a plus because then any exercise over and above is something to be proud of, something to be celebrated.
You are surrounded by people who love you and I can feel their goodwill and their willingness to believe that you can do this. When you made the commitment to someone you love, which was one of the pre-season tasks, to “honestly and courageously do my absolute best in this round”, your 8 year old son’s eyes were full of trust and belief in you. He said “I know you can do this Mummy” and you can.
Sometimes your family will crave the junk food that you allowed more of in the last few years than ever before but your beautiful husband has taken care of that by promising that once in a while he’ll take them out to indulge, leaving you to eat well and to feed them awesomely the rest of the time.
There will be days when you feel tired, days when it feels like too much hassle but I want you to remember this; You are worth every second of movement and preparation, every step, every effort.
You put it out there on your Facebook page that you’re doing this, for friends and family to see and I know how hard that was, how much courage that took….so many of them have seen you try and fail before, years ago now. What surprised me was how many of them came forward to offer love and support, encouragement. So thank you for doing it, for allowing them the opportunity to be with you at the beginning and for allowing yourself the opportunity to accept their support.
Blogging the journey too, and letting it be public, putting your photo up, sharing the minutiae of your days. That’s brave too, be proud.
I thought about what would be a proudest achievement and in some ways, just starting and knowing you can do it, is one. Beyond that, it’s getting under 100kg, just to start with and being able to breathe, walk easily, leap out of bed in the mornings with excitement in my heart again and feel my body straining to get moving.
I love you and we can do this, we are doing this.