“No it isn’t”

Yes. Yes it is. Tomorrow Andy and Sam will be far from home, playing more sport and they decided collectively that instead of missing out or panicking to rush home for the last hours of the day, that we’d have Mother’s Day a day early.

In fact, for me, Mother’s Day began even earlier than that.

Friday afternoon there were no computers, video games or ipads in evidence. We sat together while they practised guitar, we talked, hugged, created games to play over dinner and were generally present with each other. At dinner, we ate and played a game which probably already has a name but which I’m going to call Persuasion, since it was designed  after doing persuasive text stuff with Zac.

We wrote statements on pieces of paper, folded them, put them in a bowl and then while we ate, chose them one at a time, randomly. Zac and I were one team, Sam and Andy the other and the idea was for one side to be ‘for’ and the other ‘against’ the statement, whatever it might be.

They included ‘The Moon Actually Is Made Of Cheese’, ‘Dinosaurs Aren’t Real’, ‘The World Is Actually Flat’, and ‘Football Was Invented By Hedgehogs’.

It was all fun and games until Zac accidentally put tabasco sauce in his eye and the debate came to an abrupt end….

He was fine after a thorough eye rinse and hand wash and the rest of the evening was gentle and nice.

Then this morning, I was woken by both my boys and led, eyes closed, to the table. When I opened my eyes, it was to see the three of them smiling and a table laden with beautiful fruit, steaming mugs of coffee, fresh juice and various pastries. I knew Andy must have got up early and gone shopping.

The little bowls in front of each place were the beautiful blue and orange ones I’d seen and loved a few days ago.


The date's wrong, obviously...

The date’s wrong, obviously…

Zac brought out the presents he’d bought at the mother’s day stall at school, a pretty bookmark and some bath balls and after breakfast, they ran me a bath and left me to relax and sing until I felt like getting out.

In a few minutes, we’ll take a drive to a restaurant by the water and have lunch.

Today I am the luckiest woman on earth. Thank you family. I love you.