In an interesting (for me) turn of events, I seem to have a bit of a problem with my gall bladder.

My whole life, I’ve been vaguely aware I had one but I didn’t expect it to introduce itself to me in such a brash and pushy sort of way.

The Gall Bladder usually just sits quietly under your liver and collects the bile the liver produces. Then, when you eat, the bile is dumped into your intestine, where it mixes with food and helps to digest fat.

What a useful little piece of kit to have!




Sometimes stones, comprised of cholesterol, bile pigment and calcium salts, form in the gall bladder, which in most cases isn’t really a big problem. It’s when one or more get stuck in the ‘neck’ that it can be a cause of inflammation and pain….


So, when last I wrote, the boys and I were about to do a four hour drive to another town and the night before we left I had a stomach ache. Unusual but no big deal, probably indigestion, I thought, and dismissed it out of hand. In the morning, we organised ourselves, did the drive, dropped Sam at the team’s residence and went to the Motel.

Zac and I had pizza for dinner, mostly because it was easy and close but it was a bad move, not just for the sake of the diet but because I’m rubbish at eating wheat and because I spent that night shifting around to try and get rid of the pain that had blossomed in my belly. I was glad I’d taken a sleeve of Panadol with me!

Since then, like some sort of ninja pain, it’s crept around to settle and concentrate under my right rib, providing me with endless entertainment. I’ve juggled Panadol and Nurofen, Buscopan and Nexium (how lyrical that sounds), in an attempt to keep it at bay.

As far as illness goes, I don’t really have anything to complain about. It isn’t life-threatening, as far as I know and I’m not nauseous or feverish. It’s mostly just pain, which can be exacerbated by eating the wrong thing (read as anything containing fat of any kind) or moving the wrong way or sometimes just sitting eating an apple. It’s an inexact science…..

The net result is that I haven’t done any real exercise for almost two weeks and I’ve put on a kilo and a half.

However…. I got some ultrasound pictures done and on Monday I’ll find out what needs to be done.

Also, though the 12 week body transformation comes to an end this week and I haven’t burst forth with quite the success I was hoping for, this is a long-term project and I’m not giving up now. Mum and I will start the next round together, on the 5th May. Dad’s already in the middle of the round that followed mine. So I can look forward to a renewal of energy and being support for and supported by them both.

Bring it on 🙂