I wish I could accurately describe the feeling of peace I feel right now.

That was…beautiful…. The class started with gentle breathing, the teacher’s voice flowing, calm and restfully through the cool room as we relaxed on our mats. Everything was provided, so there was no preparation to be done. I just dressed comfortably in bike pants and a t-shirt.

Breathing meditation continued for about 15 minutes and then he gave an initial, fairly gentle pose to start with. After that, he moved around the room, giving us each individual poses, asking questions about where we felt the stretch, was there any pain, giving suggestions, tailoring the movements to each person’s needs. I felt relaxed, able, among friendly people.

From there, there were balancing poses, stretching poses and finally a last meditation.

At no time did I feel as though I was overdoing it, or even extending myself too far but I can feel my muscles acutely now. Not painfully but as though they’ve been used and challenged. I wasn’t really expecting that when it all felt so gentle.

I’ll definitely be going back. I really enjoyed it. In fact, I’m thinking now that I might have found the perfect combination for me, at this stage of my process. Walking, swimming, yoga. Two of each and a rest day per week. I’ll try it and see how I go.

If you haven’t done it before, or like me, haven’t done it for years and years, give it a go. It’s lovely! 🙂