I had a most wonderful day today. It wasn’t big or exciting or full of achievement but it was completely lovely. There was no work today, and I decided to give myself a day of rest, particularly since my calf  (muscle, not animal) is apparently strained and I no longer resembled a sweet tottering lamb but rather a drunk on a particularly determined bender.

Andy was very nice about it, offered me a massage to calm the discomfort and then pronounced the verdict of muscle strain when I nearly leaped through the roof. Either way, I was having a day off, so I waved them all out the door, pulled the coffee table around in front of an armchair in the sunshine and set myself up with a coffee and some books.

The only sound was the small padding of the guinea pigs’ feet in their play area, as they went about their business of eating breakfast. After which, they curled up in the warm padded house I bought yesterday and napped the morning away. Later there were a couple of bird calls but mostly what there was, was lots of pillowy, ear-calmingly, gentle, silence. It was an indescribably peaceful morning.

Later I did useful things; emptied the dishwasher, tidied the kitchen, made a herbed beef stew to go into the slow cooker, wrote a little. Later still, I collected Zac and we went shopping, where we discussed the relative merits of one head of broccoli over another and other really important things…. Actually, I joke but I really like the way he listens and I harbour a hope that these memories, of us together, choosing fruit and veg, might make a difference for him later, with food choices.

And now to the title of this post….

By the time dinner was served, there was a great rush happening, since Andy and Sam were going out for a couple of hours and in the midst of serving the dinner, I forgot to take a photo of it.

I’ve borrowed this one from Pioneer Woman’s lusciously food-filled site;



It wasn’t quite the same but it gives you the general gist I think. It was served with oven-warmed French Bread and it was yum 🙂

So Day 3 is complete.