I didn’t really know what to expect this morning as I placed the scales onto the tiles. I didn’t feel confident that I’d lost much this week but I was hoping for something, however small.

As it turns out, it was a disappointing result. Up by one kilo.

I gave the disappointment space for a couple of minutes and then started to try and figure out why. The first thing that came to mind is the fact that halfway through the week, at lowest ebb, I stopped keeping a food diary, which meant that although I haven’t been eating junk, I have been guessing at portion sizes and probably miscounting calories.

The other thing is that I know I’ve been drinking far less water this week than usual, which has to have contributed.

So at least I know what I need to do this week.

It’s going to take some planning, because on Friday, we’re going for a few days holiday, to take the kids to theme parks and have some family time. Good fun! We’re staying in an apartment with a kitchen, so most mornings we’ll have breakfast before we go out, which is a big plus for me. Nothing starts my day better than a hot bowl of porridge! 🙂

On the up side, In the past three and a half weeks, since I’ve been eating more healthily and moving myself more, I’ve lost inches, feel stronger and I can breathe properly. As well as those things, I can now walk four kilometres without feeling as though I need to lie down for the rest of the day!

Triumph! 🙂