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Glitch and What Followed

Glitch noun \ˈglich\
: an unexpected and usually minor problem; especially : a minor problem with a machine or device (such as a computer)


So while Saturday went well, I’ve avoided talking about Saturday night and then Sunday because….well…because there was a glitch. A glitch that started with leftover apple pie and got worse from there.

By Monday morning, although I was pulling on my walking shoes, I really didn’t want to go and I was sneakily talking myself out of it. Just quietly. I felt as though I’d let myself down and well, blah, blah, you know the drill.

I walked with Zac to school and then started the walk. The hill was hard, I was uninspired.

When I got to the top of the hill, there was a woman standing on the footpath, holding a cup of coffee in her hand, just looking across her garden.

“Wow, that’s a hill and a half!” I  gasped, pushing the hair out of my face and she nodded and replied as I walked on.

A bit later, telling myself “Come on Claude, just move. You can do it”, in a fairly-half hearted way, I came to a driveway sloping down to a house. Standing at the bottom was a blonde woman wearing a cast on her foot, moving slowly, painfully upwards.

“That doesn’t look as though it can be very comfortable” I said, being Mrs Obvious.

She smiled “No, it isn’t very”

“How did you do it?”

She smiled again, ruefully this time “I fell down the stairs. Actually, I’m waiting for a taxi but I’m having trouble getting to the top of the driveway. Do you think you could give me a hand?”

So far, these seem like pretty ordinary encounters, and they were. We talked about her daughter’s wedding and upcoming trips she was taking. She was friendly and as she spoke, I watched her face. Older than me, gentle, family oriented. She seemed nice.

“and I’ve just lost 7 kilos, so this couldn’t have come at a worse time!” The frustration showed clearly in her voice and I nodded, feeling sympathetic, grateful suddenly that I could walk freely.

A little after that, her taxi came and I kept walking, slipping my earphone back in.

On the way back, I came across the woman with the coffee, but now she was kneeling with her back to me. I watched her hands position a large chisel and smack it with a mallet. A small piece of concrete broke off the driveway and she moved it out of the way. Without thinking, the words left my mouth.

“Oh my god, that’s going to take you forever!” I was laughing and she was unoffended as she straightened up, nodding.

“Well, no hurry. Just have to keep chipping away, bit by bit and eventually it’ll be gone”

We talked for a while. I liked her, she was sensible and thoughtful and I had a strong sense that I’d met her before today but I couldn’t place her.

I said goodbye and walked away, earphones dangling over my shoulder as I tried to puzzle it out and then, in the middle of a thought, I had a sudden flash of insight, a lightbulb moment.

When I was about 21, I read The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield. In it, he says;

“I don’t think that anything happens by coincidence… No one is here by accident… Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us. Otherwise they would have taken another path, or left earlier or later. The fact that these people are here means that they are here for some reason”…”
I’ve always enjoyed the idea of that, I choose to believe that it might be true.
I went on that walk disheartened and those were the people I met.
One who had just lost a similar amount of weight as me and has now been temporarily stopped in her tracks.
The other was quite literally “chipping away, bit by bit”
Life is so interesting!
I’m back on track. 🙂

Walking through the reserve on our way to school, grass long just before the mowers come. Dew on the slender stems.

“My legs are getting wet”

“Are they Darling?”

“Yes. The grass is licking my ankles”

I love this boy so much.

Where to Begin?

I suppose the first thing to say is that I’m still absolutely on track with my goals. I had my first ‘slip-up’ day on Friday. That is to say, the first day where I felt as though I wasn’t honouring my commitment to myself around my goal to lose weight and get healthy.

It isn’t that I ate anything I wasn’t happy with. More that I just wasn’t watching. I sort of shut myself out or something and just cruised on auto-pilot. I meant to exercise but didn’t. Instead I watched interesting things on the internet (Read: The Tomorrow People and Elementary) and ran some errands before lazing some more.

On Saturday, we lazed for a large part of the day but in the end, we did go out to walk and ended up doing 6.2km, along the waterfront. After a couple of days without exercise, I was a bit sore to start with but as we went along, I warmed up. The bonus for that walk was our oldest son, Sam, who decided he was my personal trainer and pushed me to run short distances over bridges, made me laugh and pushed me to do an extra km when I would have stopped at 5km. He says to be prepared for next Saturday 🙂

On Sunday, he and Andy went long distances to play sport, so Zac and I went kayaking, which was very good fun.

I fell out more than once, which he found hilarious and to be fair, so did I. Luckily, I’d remembered to leave my phone and bag in the car, or I’d have been laughing less.

It didn’t feel very physically onerous, paddling along in the water but later my stomach muscles and shoulders were feeling it, which is pretty awesome. Painless exercise! 🙂

It might be that I have a tan from the summer sun, but I feel as though I can see a difference beginning to happen in the shape of my face. The other thing is that I’m cautiously thinking there’s a bit of a difference in the shape of my body too. Nothing that will be particularly visible from anyone else’s point of view but….well…I live in here.

On Wednesday, I’ll redo my measurements, along with my weigh-in and see how far I’ve come thus far. It’s starting to get exciting. I think my body’s gearing up to let go of the weight in earnest. Hooray!

This post was supposed to be a complaining post. An examination of the day’s small but significant difficulties which were banding together to make me feel low, lethargic, as though I wanted to curl up on the couch and watch movies with a large block of chocolate.

In fact, half-way through the morning’s preparations, I distinctly heard my childhood friend’s voice in my mind, saying, as she sometimes used to; “Complain, complain, complain!” (It has to be said in an accent, it doesn’t really matter which one, as long as you relax the vowel sounds and drag out the ‘a’…..and yes Dad, I see you reading this and trying it out 🙂 )

It started last night. Yesterday afternoon. I became hungry. Really hungry. Ravenous actually. It’s possible that if there’d been junk food in the house, I’d….Who am I kidding? If there’d been even the sniff of chocolate, or good cheese, cake or chocolate-covered peanuts, I’d have fallen upon them like a ravening beast, tearing the packaging open, to get to the impossibly sweet, calorie-laden contents.

There wasn’t any.


I contemplated going out for something. I imagined it, let the image grow in my mind until it all but took over all other thought processes. But I didn’t.

I did eat like a crazy person though. Banana, frozen grapes, chicken breast, sliced and salted, the shaved roast pork, bought for the kids lunches and finally, three Weetbix with milk and brown sugar. In between, I drank water until finally, I collapsed, sated, in front of the tv and watched mindlessly for an hour.

It was all weighed and measured before I put it into my mouth and I still came in (just) under the 1500 Calories I’ve decided is my daily limit. Win!

Then this morning when I woke, my body had been replaced by a stack of giant marshmallows, so that I had to rock back and forth, just to get enough momentum to get myself upright and out of bed. My legs felt heavy, my mood was low, I smiled some of the time but I wasn’t feeling it. I just wanted to hide away.

“Complain, complain, complain”, right?

When I walked Zac to school this morning, him with his guitar case on his back, dwarfing him, me carrying his bag, it was my intention to come straight home and explain to myself why this really needed to be a gentle, pottering sort of day.

After I’d said goodbye and watched him walk through the gate, I turned for home gratefully, knowing that today there would be silence and solitude for at least the morning but my tread was heavy and my shoulders were slumped.

Until I got to the top of the hill. Because by then I’d been walking for 15 minutes and my body had, without me registering it, warmed up, become a little more elastic. I decided to give it just a little more. An extra 15 minutes, that’s all. So I walked.

It’s so beautiful where we live. The soft green of the grass and the trees, breezes, gentle sounds of people driving, walking. Even the rubbish truck went slowly down the road in front of me, its long mechanical arm extending and retracting  easily, smoothly as if sensing my need for calm today.

A little girl in a pink top asked me excitedly as I walked past “Have you ridden the camels?!” and when I answered that I hadn’t, “I have! I went yesterday!” She was there when I walked back that way, waiting to exchange one last snippet about her experience as I passed her again “I’m on holiday, the camels were really high up!” and we smiled at each other in a tiny shared moment as I lifted my hand to wave to her parents, standing, talking in the driveway.

After that I noticed the bright yellow frangipani, my favourite flower, bursting from between dark green leaves, I noticed my legs moving easily, the hill in front of me, rising to the peak of my street and all the gardens made so lovely by the people who live here.

So, this was supposed to be a complaining post and I’ve been gypped, because it turns out that everything’s actually okay after all. Better than okay.

Someone get me the manager!



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