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The Weigh-In 3

I didn’t really know what to expect this morning as I placed the scales onto the tiles. I didn’t feel confident that I’d lost much this week but I was hoping for something, however small.

As it turns out, it was a disappointing result. Up by one kilo.

I gave the disappointment space for a couple of minutes and then started to try and figure out why. The first thing that came to mind is the fact that halfway through the week, at lowest ebb, I stopped keeping a food diary, which meant that although I haven’t been eating junk, I have been guessing at portion sizes and probably miscounting calories.

The other thing is that I know I’ve been drinking far less water this week than usual, which has to have contributed.

So at least I know what I need to do this week.

It’s going to take some planning, because on Friday, we’re going for a few days holiday, to take the kids to theme parks and have some family time. Good fun! We’re staying in an apartment with a kitchen, so most mornings we’ll have breakfast before we go out, which is a big plus for me. Nothing starts my day better than a hot bowl of porridge! 🙂

On the up side, In the past three and a half weeks, since I’ve been eating more healthily and moving myself more, I’ve lost inches, feel stronger and I can breathe properly. As well as those things, I can now walk four kilometres without feeling as though I need to lie down for the rest of the day!

Triumph! 🙂

Reflecting With Casserole

My family were out tonight, a long drive to a sports event. The net result was that I had an evening to myself and I planned to use it relaxing and eating a lovely meal while doing nothing more arduous than watching TV or possibly surfing the ‘net.

As soon as the house was quiet, I set to work making my beef casserole for one.

A piece of steak, a carrot, an onion, half a cauliflower, a couple of sliced sun dried tomatoes, tabasco sauce (because I’ve run out of chillies) a sachet of bouquet garni, chopped garlic and some thai basil, picked fresh. To which I added a carton of beef stock. I keep reading on other people’s blogs about their beautiful homemade stock and maybe I’ll make one sooner or later but for now…the carton.

In it all went, into my beloved red cast iron casserole dish and then into the oven.

While it’s cooking, just a quick catch up on the last couple of days. I’ve been feeling a bit low, which might be a hormonal thing, or might be connected with losing weight and not ‘eating my feelings’, a suggestion that’s been made on forums. It could be that I guess but it feels a bit sort of….nebulous to me and I like something I can wrap my mind around…

Either way, it’s been hard to stay on track when all I really wanted to do was hide under several duvets, under a bed, in a cave, in the darkest part of a forest. Somehow, the ‘Just keep moving’ mantra, coupled with some loving encouragement from my family (which I thought was very brave of them, considering), meant that I did indeed keep moving, if in a bit of a daze.

Yesterday was the worst of it, sitting at my desk, still and quiet, reading and ignoring the world. I walked finally, but only for 25 minutes and without any real pleasure. It was a ‘because I said I would’ sort of walk.

Today has been better but I was still feeling quiet, so instead of walking, I went to yoga for an hour and a half, which turns out to be the best thing I could possibly have done. I felt immeasurably better after it. In spite of myself, I also walked for 45 minutes. Tonight I felt a shift in mood and I’m pretty confident that tomorrow I’ll be back to normal again. I even feel excited at the thought of going for a ‘one foot in front of the other’ walk, moving my body for as long as it can handle it.

I’ve stuck to the food pretty well. I guess we’ll see tomorrow, on weigh-in day.

Okay, so after an hour, the smells from the oven were filling the kitchen, warming everything beautifully. I took the lid off, stirred and put it back in to reduce a bit, for 15 minutes. When it came out it was just gorgeous! I’d have taken a photo but it was too good to waste time recording it, I just wanted to taste it.

When the bowl was empty and I sat, replete, watching The Big Bang Theory, I suddenly wondered with a second of concern, how it was possible for it to have tasted so very fabulous? What was in the stock? How many calories was it? I’d have got up to look but I was so comfy and there was a shallow dish of green grapes at my elbow….In the middle of wondering, everyone burst through the door and there was a flurry of hellos and kisses and news, part of which was Zac telling me all about the awesome Hungry Jack’s meal they’d consumed on the way home. He described Whoppers and sundaes and fries and refillable drinks and in the midst of it, I had to laugh.

In the scheme of things, I think my beef casserole and grapes were just fine. 🙂

I was a bit worried about rest days, that maybe it’d be harder, or that I’d feel less motivated, that my foray into the land of cake and no exercise might have sapped my will.                                                                                                 (I can get more dramatic than that if you give me a minute..)

I think making the decision last night, to be excited to move again today was a good one. This morning I had to take the car in for a service. I dropped it off, made sure they had my phone number and started to walk. I love how versatile walking is, as an exercise. It requires no special equipment, apart from my shoes and it doesn’t need a track, or a gym, or anything really. It’s just one foot in front of the other, again and again and again, and the distance just rolls out behind me.

Later, I watched a Michelle Bridges 12WBT video, the latest in the course, where she talks about motivation being far less important than consistency. That sometimes ‘Just fricking do it’ (her words, I’m not as polite) is the key. I’ve found myself really responding to this stuff. I like the idea of having all the emotion and worry taken out of exercise and diet. Just keep moving works well for me.

By the time they called me to say that the car was ready, I was almost back at the garage, with 6km behind me and a definite sense of achievement.

Just keep moving, just keep moving... :-)

Just keep moving, just keep moving… 🙂

I know that walking isn’t the only exercise there is, and that eventually, as I lose weight and feel fitter, I’ll want to try other things again too but for now, it’s pretty much perfect. I finish with a sore, weary body and a renewed enthusiasm to eat healthily and have regular sleep.

Still, I’m looking forward to the time that all the school swimming carnivals are done, so I can use the pool again….


As I wrote that, I immediately heard it in my head as a chant, along with a picture of myself a la Spaniard, clicking my fingers and stamping, hence the Hurrah at the end. Small amusements go a long way at 5.40am….

One of the interesting things about overhauling my diet and the way I move is the bodily changes that go with it, beyond the most obvious, losing weight. While most of these don’t need to be discussed here (Andy, of course, gets chapter and verse. Happy Valentines Day Darling…) there are some things that make me curious. Like, I have a mouth ulcer.

There are myriad causes of mouth ulcers apparently, being run down, nutritional deficiencies, injury, stress, to name a few. I’m at a bit of a loss to explain why I’d have one now, given the amount of fresh foods and extra sleep I’m having but ho hum, it’ll go away soon, I’m sure and in the meantime, it’s caused me to review my food and make sure I’m covering all food groups sufficiently, so that’s good I guess.

I’ve been looking at hormones and the way they affect bodies, particularly my own. Delicate things, hormones, affected by lack of sleep, toxins, foods with little or no nutritional value, too much sugar, wheat, bad fats….when I think about what I’ve been doing to my body for the years, I wonder how I’ve survived this long without falling over in a quivering mess….oh….wait….

The good news is that with a reversal of habits, there will, hopefully, be a rebalancing of my hormones, I will then become ultra zen and calm, slender and flexible, joyous at all times, as rested as a newborn babe….or at least I might stop yelling when I feel stressed out.

In other news, my pedometer arrived yesterday, hooray!! It’s an Omron, purportedly one of the most accurate and rather than needing to be clipped to my belt, (I don’t wear a belt and clipping them to my pants has resulted in many lost pedometers..) it can hang from a lanyard at my neck, or be put into a pocket, or even tucked into my bag! I’ve gone for the lanyard option, this way I can pop it on in the mornings and pretty much forget about it.


To go with my shiny new toy, I’ve rejuvenated my profile at a site I used to use about 5 years ago, called Walking With Attitude. The idea is to add a new facet of interest to walking, a dollop of fun and purpose, if you will. They offer an array of walking programs, from the shortest ‘Zero to 10,000 steps’, where you can choose, as I have, one of several short virtual trips, to much longer virtual walks around Africa, Australia, The UK and others.

The one I chose is a walk around Tasmania, with milestones along the way and trophies to be collected. They send encouraging emails, there are leaderboards, forums etc…. There’s a cost to join but for me, it’s worth it. I’m much more likely to continue to walk when it feels as though there’s a purpose to it. You can even join teams and be part of racking up the steps to get the whole team to their destination.

I’m glad to have the added impetus today because it’s raining….quite a lot…. 🙂

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