We’re here. It was a fun drive….long..but fun. Now all are asleep but me, lying in bed, tapping away on my phone and reigning it in when the auto correct gets too creative.
Big, busy organisational days yesterday and today. Exercise went out the window and not everything was counted that should have been, so in the back of my mind, I wondered how this was going to work for five days.
Today was good though. I made some reasonable food choices that have left me feeling still in control. Just little stuff really. We stopped at a fast food place in the night, on the way here and I chose grilled chicken rather than meat, bacon and cheese for example. Apples and banana rather than the biscuits shared out with cups of hot steaming tea…and my particular favourite; the discovery of a shop in the middle of the night where I bought oats and honey among other things, to replace my porridge, left forlornly on the kitchen counter in my rush to leave today.
My pedometer’s ready on the bedside table for tomorrow,  my new walking boots, which arrived in the nick of time are on the floor by the bed. I’m ready for a great day with my amazing family.
I’ve been quietly saying to myself at different times today “Every decision brings me closer to my goal” A bit chanty, I know but it reminds me to be mindful.
‘Night all 🙂