So, no sooner had I decided to do all this wonderful self-transformational stuff, than we found a house we loved, and moved in the space of a month. Days before Christmas….

Family came, a wonderful Holiday was had and my new pantry was stuffed to the gills with Christmas food, luscious and sweet and eventually exhausting to look at! With the close of school holidays approaching, I decided I needed some help to stay on track. So I’ve signed up to do a round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation….it needs the capitals, it feels like a big deal!

Also a big deal is the fact that I’ve discovered that to get myself to a weight I want to be, I’ll need to lose 49.6 Kilos…..that’s a lot more than I really realised. Add to that the results of my Fitness Test (also deserving of the capitals), which were 5 out of a possible 100….

So I have a way to go but this seems like a reasonable way to start. No nonsense, clear, good food and exercise. There’s support through forums and weekly videos, recipes and meal plans, exercise videos and all sorts of other things I’ve yet to explore. 

My family are being wonderfully supportive, even when I explained, as I took them on a tour of our fridge and pantry, that all of the junk was going to have to go. I saw the flash of panic in their eyes as I picked up the ice-cream in the freezer, the biscuits in the pantry but lovely souls that they are, they schooled their faces quickly and nodded in agreement, wiping their perspiring brows.

One thing I’m already ridiculously excited about is my new Julienne Peeler. How is it I never knew about this little gadget?! With one smooth stroke, I can make little thin strips of carrot and zucchini that rival any restaurant garnish. It gives me such a kick. I’ve discovered salads and ‘zoodles’ and other yummy things, which I’ll take photos of as I go, but not now because it’s the middle of the night and I’m sure I should be asleep, gathering my strength for tomorrow’s walking and Julienning…